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Approach of Homeopathy from My Point Of View

Homeopathic Fundamentals

Homeopathy works on a simple principle – like cures like. If a substance can produce a disease in a healthy body then the same substance can cure that disease from that body. This principle was tested by the practitioners and the public both. It always stood verified.

My aim in this article is not to present a compendium of thoughts, views and contributions by those great homeopaths. My limited effort is to present those aspects of homeopathy which attracted me to it when I compared them to other branches of knowledge e.g. Allopathy and Ayurvedopathy.

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Here again is a small difference. Allopathy compensates the ‘deficiency’ in a body through artificially assembled substances. These are synthetic medicines. Their absorption in the body and hence the idea of compensation becomes unilateral and difficult. In Ayurvedopathy the compensating medicines are natural substances. While compensating the deficiencies they compensate ancillary elements also. The process is more natural and less damaging.

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This premise of homeopathy appears to be very logical and working. As per the pathogen theory – pathogens are present everywhere. Then why only a few people are affected by them. Even in days of epidemics some people are always there who are not affected by that disease. Why it so happens. Why do some pathogens affect only a few people and other pathogens a few other people. Had these pathogens been a cause of disease then they would have caused it to whole of the world because they are everywhere in the world. Why do they fail in causing disease in some people?

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