Monday, March 3, 2014

An Amazing Case of Blood Pressure

An Amazing Case of Blood Pressure

The patient was a judge by profession; aged about 50 years.

He was having blood pressure for about last 30 years.

He is plethoric in appearance but this plethora was not flabbiness. He is more muscular and solid. He appears to be quite calm and peaceful. His cholesterol is 225+ and LDL is 140+. His blood sugar is presently 170+. His normal blood pressure goes up to 160+/120+ and pulse 120.

For Blood sugar he was given daily 10 drops of a mixture of (Syzygium, Cephalandra and Gymnema Sylvestra) in half cup of water. The problem of diabetes was sorted out.

Keeping in view his life style, his silent personality and a tendency to stick to his honesty doses of Aur Met was given. It always ended in an aggravation.

Nux Vom was partially effective along with partial reliefs from Bry and Alum. A cumulative effect was reduction in the requirement of Amlopress AT and Telma.

One dose of Merc 10M and subsequently Arg Nit 10M completely changed the perspiring skin and aggravation from heat. The patient now was a chilly patient. For last one year he never complained of the heat. He always felt a need of warmth around him.

One day the whole course was changed.

During a personal discussion, about 20 days back he opened him how he was helpless against the court-administration, court-system of administering law, the police system, his seniors and even his juniors.

He told that he was just a face of the system but was quite vulnerable to the adversaries. He disclosed that he was just a component of a big show where the power is not exercised but rather it flows.

This gave me hint of rubrics:

Plumbum Concepts Jan Scholten

Empty Weak Leadership Management
Diverting Responsible
Indifferent King
Formal Distant Dignified Haughty
Covering up Alone Isolation

On these rubrics I got an idea and one dose of Plb 200 was given. He got an unprecedented relief in his anxiety and feeling in nape of neck, temples and occiput. For next 4 days he did not need any BP medicines. On 5th day he asked for I dose of Amlopress AT and Telma. It was given. After a few hours a second dose of Plb 200 was given. 6 days have passed since then and no need of BP medicines was felt by the patient.