Saturday, November 30, 2013

Understanding Women by her Hidden Language

There’s a saying that if you’ve been going out awhile, you can walk into a room and in as little as 60 seconds tell who is interested in you and who isn`t. If you want to learn how to attract women, this is a valuable skill. Ask around, talk to those who hang out at the clubs, you’ll see -- other singles will verify that after you have gone out for awhile you automatically start to pick up on this. They can never seem to explain how they know all this exactly (though they’re sure to have a story or two to tell you), but they just know.
Your Subconscious Reveals When And How To Attract Women - Pay Attention  
What happens is that after much experience, your subconscious begins cataloguing all the clues that automatically ring a bell and say, "This person is interested."
Read this statement given by one expert, who quotes a female with experience in this area:
One woman I know has been in the singles game for years [and] really knows how to operate. [She] tells me that she can be at a dance and get anyone [she wants] to dance with her. She seems to think she does it with ESP. She says, "I just look at them and think ‘come over and ask me to dance’" and they always do! She has taught some other girls the little secrets and they found it works, too. I personally feel, however, that it has nothing to do with thought transference or E.S.P. She and they are letting them know unconsciously by outside body language and their eyes.”


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

R Maidens Kasauli simply pathetic

R Maidens Kasauli simply pathetic

On 13th October 2013 we three friends had to go to Kasauli. Falling prey to some bad time one of us decided to chose R Maidens for an overnight stay. It proved simply terrible an experience.
It was Just a maha raddi hotel. We Stayed in Room No. 220. All the Rooms were overpriced. Toilets and bathrooms were stinking. There was no cleanliness inside them. Water availability was terrible. If you call them 8 times they provide only 2 buckets of water. To complete baths of 3 people in the room we had to make 19 calls to the reception demanding water. Taste of food and Tea served here was simply intolerable. If you make a mistake to order a meal here then 90% chances are that you leave it unfinished.
If you have to choose this hotel then better to take a sheet and pillow from your house otherwise you will not be able to sleep on those foul smelling provided by this hotel.
In the morning of 14 Oct. 2013 we unfortunately ordered sandwiches with tea. The sauce bottle had multiple outlets in its body and all of them were covered beneath the dried sauce. As soon as it was pressed two of us got our cloths painted in the sauce.