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Imprisoned by Thoughts


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Have you ever realized your thoughts? When you embed your sensations in the words of a language they become thoughts. These sensations are about the world around you hence these thoughts are the gateways for this world to enter YOU. This world intrudes upon you through your thoughts.

Sit comfortably and observe your thoughts. These are either the memory of your past or desires of your future. Thoughts do not exist in present. In the present, only the existence exists. You should understand this thing.
… …
Observe the flow of thoughts. They are always directed outwardly from you. Thoughts drain you out of you. They create a vacuum inside you after you are totally drained out. This vacuum is then filled by the thoughts of the world. When you sit, you find thoughts of office, spouse, children, neighbours, high school camping, strategies to overcome the growth of colleagues and the thoughts of everything. But you are nowhere in your thoughts. Thought are never about you.
… …
Sit and try to regulate the flow of your thoughts. Just try to channelize them. Try to focus your thoughts, say, on your spouse. Soon you find that you have thoughts about everything but of your spouse. Your thoughts slip away from your spouse. Again try to keep your thoughts away a particular object, say, your dog. Soon you realize that the thoughts are again encircle your dog. You try your thoughts to take away from your dog but they come again and again around and about the dog. Thoughts are like untamed beasts. They are not in your control rather you are very much in their control. Therefore your statement that your thoughts are yours is not true. However it may be true to say that you are of your thoughts.
… …
These thoughts are not under your control. They are not of you. These thoughts are not ‘yours’. These thoughts are beyond your power. Rather you are of these thoughts. Moreover, they control you. You are completely filled with these thoughts. You cannot live without thoughts. These thoughts are swaying you in random directions in a random fashion. You are flowing in your thoughts. You are helpless before these thoughts.

These thoughts are not only overshadowing you in your awakened state but they have entered into your sleep also. While with eyes opened, you have hypertension. While trying to close your eyes you have insomnia. Your thoughts have incapacitated you. You want to do but are not able to do. Your thoughts have made you pathetic.

Now you are captive of your thoughts; a prisoner imprisoned in the prison of thoughts.

Get rid of Your Thoughts.
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Do Not Typify Seniors of Society

Do Not Typify Seniors of Society

Dr. PS Malik

आमतौर से समाज में बुज़र्गों को बकबक-मशीन, सठियाया हुआ, भड़कने वाला या परिवार का ध्यान ना रखने वाला जैसे नाम दे दिये जाते हैं। अपने होम्योपैथिक शोध के दौरान मैंने पाया कि यह उन बुज़ुर्ग का दोष नहीं है। इसे होम्योपैथी के द्वारा बिना किसी कठिन परिश्रम के बहुत आसानी से किया जा सकता है। प्रस्तुत लेख में ऐसा ही विस्तृत विवरण है।

In daily experience it is seen that people in families and society are typified. Mr. X is a hysteric, he starts exploding over trifles. Mr. Y is loquacious; he stops all and grab their topic; starts lecturing but keeps changing the topic rapidly. Mr. Z has become childish; he is allured for everything like children; never satiates; always demands eatables. And so on so forth.

During the course of my studies in homeopathy I have observed that these are the deductions drawn in a family, a society or a community. Then I tried to obtain a data for such people and find a remedy (certainly Homeopathic) for such people. After their treatment I could observe a lot of change in the habits of such people. I do not claim any final word on this topic because such areas are always developing and are nurtured by forthcoming studies.

Reason for such outcome

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicines. It does not consider a person and his ailment as two opposite things in one organism; nor does it consider an ailment as an attack from some external pathogen. In homeopathy all ailments are just extension of the personality of an individual.

Moreover, there is no disease in homeopathy. What is known as ailment is just a different mode of ‘transient personality’. This transition from the mean position of an organism, what is known as a disease in allopathy, is restored to normalcy with the help of remedies. These remedies do not work on any single part of an organism rather they affect the ‘Wholeness’ of that individual. Take any homeopathic remedy it would act on all parts of the body including the brain, the sensorium and the mind.

The homeopathic remedies work well on the cognitive faculties of an individual and hence change its appreciation of the surroundings. This makes an individual feel happy or sad or elated or nervous in the same set of external atmosphere. Merely by applying right homeopathic remedy you may change the perception of an individual.

Now we discuss a few personality-categorizations prevalent in the society:


·       In old age people start talking a lot; without having regard to the comfort level of others; anything said in their presence is just grabbed by them; they take the topic start talking on it;
·       Any single word in a story may provoke them to give an entire theory on it. They talk even to the annoyance of those who are nearby

But there is again a minute difference:

·       Those whose loquacity is related to varying subjects, and
·       Those whose loquacity is related to religious topics


A few symptoms of such individuals:
·       Whites of eyes yellow
·       Sensitive to sounds ; rushing and thundering in ears.
·       Pus and blood from nose.
·       Soreness of nostrils and lips.
·       Cannot swallow sweet or acrid things.
·       Much phlegm in fauces, with painful hawking.
·       Troubles come on during sleep, and patient wakes in distress or pain ; cough, asthma or spasm.
·       On waking - vertigo ; dry, hacking cough ; all symptoms worse.
·       Sore throat and great difficulty in swallowing
·       pulse 120, quick and small ; throat sore to touch externally
Give such individuals homeopathic remedy – Lachesis and they will feel relieved. No need to take them asylums or sanatoria.


A few symptoms of such individuals are:
·       Trembling of limbs violent, Laughing
·       Hot cheeks, Blood rushing to face
·       Speech - stammering; difficult and unintelligible; indistinct; has to exert himself a
Give such individuals homeopathic remedy – Stramonium and they will feel relieved.


A few symptoms of such individuals are:
·       Great mental and bodily weakness
·       Falling off of hair; baldness, especially on crown
·       As if mind is absent
·       Imagines he walks on his knees
·       Talkative mania
·       Inclined to make fruitless exertions of memory ; tries to recollect past events
·       Averse to strangers and company
·       Childish and thoughtless behavior
·       Cataract
·       Ulceration of cornea
·       Lids agglutinated
·       Buzzing and ringing in ears
·       Roaring in right ear like the sea, at each inspiration
·       Knotty swellings behind ears
·       Toothache is worse when thinking about it and disappears when mind is diverted.
When such individuals are treated with Baryta Carbonicum the results are miraculous. These individuals are completely restored to normalcy.


A few symptoms of such individuals are:
·       Indifferent to the loved ones; Aversion to occupation, to family, friends etc.
·       Very Irritable; easily offended, Dreads to be alone
·       Very sad, Weeps when telling his condition. Miserly, Anxious toward evening; indolent and lazy
·       Heavy flow of ideas ; inability for mental activity ; it is an exertion to think
·       Felt all day as if he did not care what happened ; no desire to work, inattentive, absent-minded
·       Language comes very slowly, has to drag out the words to express ideas ; forget the
·       Dread of being alone
·       Migraine after catching least cold
·       Redness of eyelids, with styes
·       Toothache- drawing in upper molars
·       All teeth painful, particularly in hollow molar,
When such individuals are treated with Sepia Officinale, their personality becomes very assimilative.


A few symptoms of such individuals are:
·       Mood is Changeable; it changes all of a sudden like a hysteria;
·       After shocks, grief, disappointment they become introspective; silently brooding, tearful, Not communicative, Sighing and sobbing.
·       Feels hollow, heavy; worse on stooping; Headache as if a nail were driven out through the side; Cramp-like pain over root of nose; Congestive headaches following anger or grief; worse, smoking or smelling tobacco, inclines head forward.
·       very weak ; staggering walk ; walks carefully ; increased stool and urine
·       Difficult comprehension ; mental dulness ; mental effort is irksome
·       Desire to be alone
·       Inclined to be very secretive and passive
·       Constipation
·       sensitive mood, delicate conscientiousness
·       Slight blame or contradiction excites him to anger, and this makes him angry with himself
·       tingling as of ants ; jerking ; heaviness of right arm, which had been paralyzed
·       Pains come on about 9 A. M., generally stopping at 2 P. M.
·       Face distorted, deathly pale and sunken
·       Jaws feel as if crushed
·       Sour taste in mouth ; with sour eructations ; saliva tastes sour
To such individuals give a few doses of Ignatia and just see the sea changes in the personality.


These are only a few illustrations. There is nothing in the so-called old ages which can be a hindrance in living a normal life and that too apace the society. The only requirement is to loosen the limitation of our awareness and live rhythmically with nature. Homeopathy helps you.


It is an injustice to typify our seniors (senior citizens) and segregate them as untouchables. Homeopathy is a way out. It helps those seniors to restore to those physical, mental and emotional planes which they explored in their energetic eras.

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दिल्ली चुनाव 2013: अमूर्त मुख भाजपा

दिल्ली चुनाव 2013:  अमूर्त मुख भाजपा

PS Malik

पाँच राज्यों के चुनाव हुए। नतीजे आए। उनकी घोषणाएँ हुईं। अब आगे सरकारों का गठन होगा। सब सामान्य लगता है। राजनीतिक विश्लेषक अपने अपने विश्लेषणों में जुट गए।
परन्तु दिल्ली में कुछ अलग हुआ; कुछ विचित्र हुआ। इसे दो रूपों में देख सकते हैं। पहला तो एक नई राजनीतिक ताकत के रूप में केजरीवाल का उदय है। केजरीवाल का इसलिये कि अपने गठन और उसके बाद के काल में यह आन्दोलन जो पहले अन्ना की छाया में खड़ा हुआ था बाद में केजरीवाल की परछाईं के रूप में बड़ा हुआ है। आप नाम की राजनीतिक पार्टी केजरीवाल की परछाईं ही है। यह केजरीवाल का ही निर्वैयक्तिक विस्तार है जिसमें कुछ अन्य चेहरे टाँके गए नजर आते हैं।

दिल्ली के चुनावों की दूसरी विस्मयकारी घटना है – भाजपा की विजय। मदन लाल खुराना और साहिब सिंह वर्मा के वक्तों से लेकर दिल्ली भाजपा अपना कोई चेहरा ही नहीं बना पाई है। बल्कि पिछले कुछ समय से तो जिन चेहरों को दिल्ली भाजपा के सिंहासन पर बिठाया गया वे उसके सिर के ताज नहीं बन पाए सिर के बोझ जरूर बन गये थे। भाजपा को उन्हें खुद ही सिंहासन से दूर करना पड़ा। इस चुनाव 2013 में भी जनता ने उन चेहरों को नकार दिया। नतीजों में कहीं निचला क्रम ही उन चेहरों को मिल पाया।

जिन चेहरों को आगे करके इन चुनावों में दिल्ली भाजपा जनमत पाने को आई वे भी बहुत सकारात्मक नहीं थे। चमत्कारिक तो बिल्कुल नहीं थे जैसे कि केजरीवाल रहे और आप नाम की राजनीतिक पार्टी के रूप में उनका निर्वैयक्तिक विस्तार रहा। तो फिर भाजपा दिल्ली में चुनाव जीती क्यों?

चुनाव के तत्काल बाद मैं कई लोगों से मिला और जाना की उन्होंने किसे मत दिया और क्यों दिया। अनेक मतदाताओं ने बताया कि उन्होंने भाजपा को वोट दिया है। परन्तु अनेक मतदाता तो अपने निर्वाचन क्षेत्र के भाजपा प्रत्याशी का नाम भी नहीं जानते थे। उन्होंने भाजपा को वोट दिया था। इन चुनावों से पहले दिल्ली भाजपा का कोई जनआन्दोलन तो याद नहीं आता है। तब इस भाजपा वोट का आधार क्या था?

इसका उत्तर है – नरेन्द्र मोदी। चुनाव पूर्व में भाजपा का एक ही आन्दोलन याद आता है – नरेन्द्र मोदी। शायद पूरे देश के मतदाता को नरेन्द्र मोदी के रूप में एक नायक मिला है। उसी नायक की परछाईं जब दिल्ली पर पड़ी तो वह दिल्ली की गद्दी बन कर अवतरित हुई। दिल्ली की गद्दी दिल्ली भाजपा की कमाई नहीं है बल्कि मोदी की परछाईं का मूर्तिमान रूप है। ठीक वैसे ही जैसे कि आप नाम की राजनीतिक पार्टी की सीटें केजरीवाल की परछाईं का मूर्तिमान रूप है। इस प्रकार चुनाव 2013 दो व्यक्तित्वों का अभ्युदय है भारतीय कैनवस पर मोदी और दिल्ली के फ़लक पर केजरीवाल। दिल्ली में भाजपा लगभग बिना चेहरे मोहरे वाली सी है।

यह बिना चेहरे वाली दिल्ली भाजपा दिल्ली की गद्दी को प्राप्त को कर रही है पर इसका निर्वाह कैसे करेगी यह मूल प्रश्न है। अगर यह दिल्ली भाजपा जल्द ही एक सुन्दर जनग्राह्य रूप धारण नहीं करती है तो मोदी नामक जनआन्दोलन को नुकसान पहुँचा सकती है।

यह अमूर्त मुख भाजपा निकट भविष्य में दिल्ली में क्या करती है, कैसा रूप धरती है – इसकी प्रतीक्षा मोदी, केजरीवाल और दिल्ली के मतदाता सबको रहने वाली है।

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Please uphold the law; Don’t violate it

Please uphold the law; Don’t violate it

SC intern matter

The law on procedure is given in section 354 CrPC. It states whenever there is a commission of a cognizable offence its FIR shall immediately be lodged by the Officer In Charge of a Police Station. He is to investigate the offence and is to file a Charge-sheet before a Magistrate under section 173 CrPC.
In State of Haryana Vs. Ch. Bhajan Lal 1992 Supp. (1) SCC 335 the Supreme Court of India has laid down the law that any other procedure is illegal. Earlier police used to defer lodging an FIR and undertake some preliminary inquiry to ascertain if the offence was in fact committed. Supreme Court said, “No, this was a wrong procedure. Police was to lodge an FIR and then undertake investigation.” In relation to a cognizable offence, none has the power of investigation or inquiry before registration of an FIR. If any inquiry is to be carried on it would be done before a magistrate under section 200 CrPC.
Even after this direction by the Supreme Court various agencies used to commit a breach of the law and registration of FIRs were illegally deferred and delayed. Then a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court undertook the matter in Lalita Kumari Vs. Govt. of UP in SLP (Crl.) 5986/2006 & 5200/2009 and scrutinized the entire law. In its judgment on 12 Nov. 2013 it again affirmed the position of law as it was laid down in State of Haryana Vs. Ch. Bhajan Lal 1992 Supp. (1) SCC 335   .
The Supreme Court deprecated any accused centred process leading to deviation from the established procedure. None else other than a local police officer is collect evidence. All proceedings are to be reported to in the court of a local magistrate. The procedure and the offence is not to be diluted against influential people.
If it is so then why a retired judge Justice AK Ganguly is allowed to evade the procedure and the substance of law. If the alleged actions of Justice Ganguly are sufficient to attract the provisions of a cognizable offence then why the agencies other than the local police are seized in of the matter. Why the victim is not allowed to approach the police and the magistrate so that the law may be set in motion.
Why the law laid down by the Supreme Court is being defeated?