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PS Malik speaks on: Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence: Is It the Biggest Fraud in Psychology

The psychology has always been in a continuous pursuit of finding the best tool to predict the qualities of an individual and its suitability in the given surroundings.

The revolutionary concept of Intelligence Quotient was given and utilized. Thereafter Goleman in 1995 brought into the new concept of the Emotional Quotient in his book of the same name and predicted the suitability of an individual in his environment. The IQ theory was based on the qualities of the left brain of a human being. It emphasized the importance of those qualities which were related to the mathematical computation, logic and other technical formulations.

On the other hand the Emotional Quotient theory i.e. the theory of Emotional Intelligence made both of the hemispheres of brain its basis. It formulated that it is not the only left brain qualities of computation and calculation which predict the quotient of success of an individual in his surroundings but the right brain qualities of taste, aesthetics, compassion and empathy which also determine the probability of success of an individual. Goleman said that rather it is the harmony and consonance of both types of abilities of human brain that contribute towards the quotient of predictability of the success of an individual.

Then came Danah Zohar with a new idea of Spiritual Intelligence. When Tony Buzan coined this term for the first time it was used as a pseudoscientific and ‘popular psychological’ term. But in the present context as a new frontier the theory of Spiritual Intelligence goes a step ahead. It hypothesizes that the predictability quotient of success of an individual is not something limited to the brain area of an individual. Rather it goes beyond that area. The success of an individual depends on his Spiritual Intelligence. Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall proposed this Spiritual Intelligence as the “Ultimate Intelligence”. They (more precisely She) identified 9 characteristics of the existence at the level of Spiritual Intelligence. These qualities once coined by Danah were grasped by others very soon.

Spiritual Intelligence, according to Zohar, is:

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Spiritual Intelligence: Is It the Biggest Fraud in Psychology

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